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Finding a talented digital workforce is becoming increasingly vital for organizations that want to compete in today’s digital market. However, only a handful of organizations are managing to stay ahead of other leading companies and attract professionals successfully.
This is where STACC enters the picture; to source, vet, and secure high-quality candidates for a wide variety of positions. Our team members are genuinely interested in tech and are attentive to our clients’ specific needs, making our offer unique.
“We teamed up with STACC to bring on our very first CTO, as our next highly valued team member. We were very impressed by how quickly they managed to get several super talented candidates interested in the role, all of whom fulfilled the set requirements. They provided us with invaluable coaching throughout the hiring process to help us excel in this recruitment.”
Amanda Lilja, CEO, Feedbackfrog
"We started working with STACC a few years back and they’ve been a vital part in building our tech team. They’ve shown a great understanding for both technical skills and people, making our recruitment processes easy and uncomplicated."
Håkan Andersson, CTO, War on Cancer
"STACC is extremely knowledgeable in the market and have shown incredible drive, commitment and optimism. I remember above all that I appreciated the honest dialogue we could have throughout the collaboration, which made the process much more efficient."
Jessica Bråne, CPO, Fundler
“They have always shown a very good understanding of our recruitment needs and we know that candidates provided by STACC always match very closely to our profile. STACC is an excellent partner that we can highly recommend.”
Patrik Åkerfeldt, CTO, Znipe
Our areas of recruitment lies
within all things digital
We have a strong track record of recruiting professionals within the fields of development, design, data, product/business and management.

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Scrum Master
Cloud Engineer
Infrastructure Specialist
Product & Business
Product Owner
Solution Architect
Technical Account Manager
Business Transformation
Product Manager
Project Manager
Tech Lead
Team lead
Engineering Manager
Design Manager
Consultant Manager 
UX Designer
UI Designer
Graphic Designer
UX Researcher
Service Designer
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
AI Engineer
Data Scientist
Data Analyst
BI Developer
Some of our partners & clients
Some of our partners & clients
At our company, we take great pride in our diverse range of collaborations. From established corporations to innovative startups, we partner with organizations of all sizes to drive positive impact. For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
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