About us
We believe in the people around us
We prioritize building long-lasting connections
This enables us to understand our clients and candidates needs and always act in their best interest. Our values of transparency, integrity, and effective communication are of great importance to us. We believe that a collaborative approach is essential to provide diverse perspectives and improve recruitment processes for all parties involved.
Working together leads to more effective solutions
Our team is committed to working together towards shared goals. We foster a supportive environment that nurtures personal growth and encourages pursuing individual passions. Our team's combined expertise in technology and deep understanding of our clients' and candidates' specific needs sets us apart and drives our unique competencies.
Meet us
virtually here
We pride ourselves on our unique culture at STACC
We believe in being kind and understanding in everything we do, and that's what makes our team so special. Equality is a big deal for us and we make sure everyone feels respected and valued. To keep things fun and strengthen our team, we celebrate the little things and arrange afterworks and activities to make sure we have fun outside the office too.
Visit us at A House in the heart of Stockholm
This is more than just an office, it's a destination in itself. Through our affiliation with A House, we have access to a wide range of experiences, including wine and food tastings, running clubs, yoga classes, art exhibitions, fashion events, and house parties.
Meet the team
Mattias Andersson
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Sandra Lindman
Emma Stöp
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Mark Morsink
Malva Svensson
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Linus Granborg
Isak Wikström
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Jimmy Peterson
Linnea Winsnes Sunnemark
Talent Acquisition Specialist